World Wide Web/HTTP - X.500 (via LDAP) Gateway
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This is a World Wide Web/HTTP to X.500 gateway web500gw based on code written by Frank Richter and modified by Mark Wahl. It is derived on the go500gw implementation by Tim Howes (University of Michigan).

This allows WWW clients to access the PARADISE X.500 Directory.

Some features of this gateway:

All entries below a node are listed as Hypertext links. If you dereference a link the next level will be listed or the (leaf) entry will be shown.

When the master DSA for an entry is either QUIPU or the ISODE Consortium DSA product, then the gateway will be able to determine whether the entry is a "leaf" or not. In a list, non-leaf entries (with children) are shown in bold, aliases in italic. Following each entry are its aliased objects or description attributes.

The attributes of an entry will be shown. JPEG Photos will be displayed as GIF, audio data can be retrieved via a Hypertext link. Attributes containing a DN are Hypertext links to that DN.

On top of each list you get an Input field. Type your search item , press ENTER, and a search is done. At the upper levels of the Directory tree (root or country level) searches are assumed to be for organizations or localities and are one-level in scope. At the lower levels of the tree (organization or organizationalunit level) searches are assumed to be for people and are subtree in scope.

If you have comments, suggestions or questions about this gateway, please send email to

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