ISODE Consortium announces Zero Cost Licences

The final openly available release of ISODE (ISODE 8.0) was made in June 1992, with a minor update (ISODE 8.1) in December 1992.

The ISODE Consortium was formed in February 1992, in order to act as a focus for the evolution of the ISODE Package. It was created with a membership structure, in order to allow the participation of all organisations and individuals with an interest in the ISODE package.

The major focus of the ISODE Consortium as a commercial software house has been to address the needs of its members and in particular those members basing products on the ISODE Consortium releases.

When the ISODE Consortium was formed, I said that the technology would be made available at zero cost for research purposes. Until now, we have had insufficient resource to do this, except for special cases. I am now very pleased to announce that the ISODE Consortium is offering Zero Cost Licences of ISODE Consortium Release 2.1 to all Universities and equivalent educational institutions.

The major components of ISODE Consortium Release 2.1, noting new features relative to the openly available release are:

To obtain information on details of the Zero Cost Licencing or other information on the ISODE Consortium, contact us by email:

  X.400:      S=ic-info; O=ISODE Consortium; P=ISODE; A=Mailnet; C=FI;

You can also find further information via WWW:

Steve Kille
CEO, ISODE Consortium