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Zondervan Green Ribbon for Responsibility in Free Speech
for Responsibility in Free Speech

While the Green Ribbon Campaign wants to thank all those who support this effort, a link on this page does not indicate agreement with the contents of those links or an endorsement on the part of the Green Ribbon Campaign or Zondervan Publishing House

These are some of the websites that have either placed the Green Ribbon for Responsibility in Free Speech on their Website or asked to have their URL listed in support of the Green Ribbon Campaign.

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Personal Home Pages and Websites

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John Y. Ahn's Home Page John McMullen's Politically Incorrect WEB Page! Home Page for Don Lance John Schultz
Steve's Alley Welcome to Shan's Place Shan's Place Tim Banta
Richard Shaward Hockey Bob Kevin Bellamy's Home Page James Hutchison's Personal Home Page
Deeb's Site Dorcas Bee Homepage Welcome to Keith's Virtual Home Peter Vidrine
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Lew Frank's Home Page Russ Smith Confessions of a Career Man Wedgewood Family Worldwide
Prof. Pocket's Place Michael T. Goodrich Brian's Home Page Lee H. Coleman
ERIC Smitty's Home Page Lawrence Bingham's Home Page Kris Marks' Home On The Web:
NO POINT Bob Miner's Page Bigbee and the Bears Homepage WELCOME TO RANDY'S NEW PAGES
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Ron Pichel's Home Page Scott's Christian Home Page Welcome to 68th Book of Changes NOSTALGIA ROMANCE AMERICANA
Homepage of War Axe Aquariums, Ponds, & WHATEVER! Safe Keep - A Stronghold for Believers Roger Johanson's Homepage
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Will Worsham's Home PageCarol J Douglas The Grisier Project CIOAOOOO A TUTTI!
Dave Schroeder Robertson Family Home Page John Merk Buzzy's Link Page
The Clark Family Homepage Wgasa2u Michael Hight Myrrh's Ragamuffin Pages
Behold! USS VANGUARD, NCC-2548 David Pollock's Homepage
Blake's Humble Internet Abode Big Dave's World... Levi and Daddy's Home Pag Welcome!! to creation's homepage!
The Edge Constitution Day - May 17th. Community Wire
Glendale, CA
Christine and Bob Stout's Conservative Home Page
Whitewater: Bill Clinton and his Circle of Power Kenneth Cummings Spectrum Total Jazz Brian's Homepage!
Hanna's Home Patrick Dunn castle's on a cloud The Lion's Cross
Jeff Whitworth's Home Page The Never-Ending Squirrel Tale The Issachar Home Page Trinity Church Youth Group
CA Kunce's Eclectic Home Page Chariots Of Fire SOLI DEO GLORIA HailStone's Bang on the Head
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MUSICTUS - Cose Di Musica Goff's Opinion Page Tim Larson Welcome to Sheffieldville Home Page!
A Pepsi
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Power & Dominion The Lightning Bolt BBS Embracing "The Contradiction" MAINE'S PRAYER REQUEST PAGE
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The frEaK Place Gerald's Internet Domicile Craig Schafer: X-COM Patriot The Rock WorldWide
Radically Saved Elster Page John Durrant's Home Page The Chamber FanClub Payton Place
ROB'S Place The Frames Psycho Hitman Mike Ripplinger's Homepage
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Patrick's Virtual Sock Drawer Christian Ministry Welcome to Brenda Curtis' Homepage Kerry Anderson
Reed's Veggie Tales Produce Aisle Cindy Morgan NET Welcome to Dale's World Elephants R Us Internet Site
Daniel Callahan's Home Page Pro-Life Page The Doctor Who Ratings Guide: By Fans, For Fans About the Children's Department - Freeman Online
Balanced Life Concepts Paul's Home of Insanity The Worlds of Insanity The Realms of Snowman
#God_is_Good Home Page Lucy's Round Table Dave Smith's Home Page Lady Socrates Homepage
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EVELAND Paul Daniel Loke's Homepage The Canzian family's Homepage Hick at Heart's Country Roundup
For God so Loved The World.. A Disciple's Journey Thomas M. Logan Forsyth's Home Page Maleka's Secret Paradise
Bycott miscrosoft Australia OUT IN THE WILD WEST The Candlestick Forum Welcome To The Cross Talk Homepage
Meeting Point We hold these truths... Let Freedom Ring Galactic Languages Home Page -
North Star Klingon Outpost Home Page for Joel Peter Anderson Moonchild The fireproof Home Page
Conservative Politcs MY HOME PLACE Carson's World

While the Green Ribbon Campaign wants to thank all those who support this effort, a link on this page does not indicate agreement with the contents of those links or an endorsement on the part of the Green Ribbon Campaign.

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