1.H.323 - Visual telephone system and equipment for local area networks which provide a non-guaranteed quality of service
   2.H.320  Narrow-band ISDN visual telephone systems and terminal equipment".e gateways
   3.H.245 - Control   of communications between Visual Telephone Systems and Terminal Equipment".(also used in H.324, H.310)
   4.H.225 - Call Signaling, Packetization Gatekeeper Registration, Admission, and Status. Media Stream Packetization and Synchronization for Visual Telephone
     Systems on Non-Guaranteed Quality of Service LANs ".
   5.T.120 - Transmission protocols for multimedia data
   6.T122/T125 MCS - Multipoint Comm Service
   7.H.261 H 262 H 263 Vídeo
   8.H.243 Multipoint
   9.T123 - pilhas de transporte
  10.T.124 Generic Conference Control (GCC)
  11.T.126 Still Image Exchange and Annotation (SI)
  12.T.127 - Multipoint Binary File Transfer
  13a.T.130 Audio e video control
  13b.T.130 Audio e video control
  14.Configuração e administração de ambiente multicast
  15.MCU - Multipoint Control - exemplos de produtos