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Introduction to the ISODE Consortium, Products and Membership (PostScript)

Strategic View of the ISODE Consortium Approach to APIs for Messaging and Directory Enabled Applications (Version 1.0, Oct. 19, 1994)
While messaging and directory components are interesting products in their own right, they have an increasing role as building blocks within more complex systems. This paper discusses the APIs to facilitate this integration and for User Agent (client) products to interact with the ISODE Consortium servers.

Research Papers and Presentations

Selected Internet and ITU standards

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Steve Kille Interviewed on Internet Talk Radio

Carl Malamud interviews Steve Kille, perhaps the most articulate and thoughtful of the OSI fanatics. Kille makes a persuasive case for protocols like X.400, X.500, and the OSI presentation layer. Kille, a former computer scientist at University College London, brings his unique hands-on perspective implementing OSI and related protocols to his current position as the head of the ISODE Consortium. ISODE is considered by most experts in the field to be the leading OSI implementation and the work of the Consortium forms the basis for commercial products attempting to meet purchasing requirements contained in GOSIP profiles around the world.

Steve Kille, Part 1 (17MB from UIUC)

job information

IC US & UK Current Employment Opportunities

ISODE Consortium is interested in top quality professionals with expertise in ISODE, Messaging, Directory, or Security services. For engineering positions, UNIX and C expertise are essential as well as some networking experience.

For further information, please contact the following:

Engineering and Technical Sales opportunities:
Alan Young at <> or (X.400) i=A; s=Young; o=ISODE Consortium; p=ISODE; a=MAILNET; c=FI
Or phone the Consortium at:
+44 181 332 9091

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